How to use a yoga wheel

Wheel is becoming one of the most popular yoga props. Depending on your needs, wheel can simplify or advance your asanas. It is a great tool for stretching, but it also works as a support. You can use a wheel in balance postures and for stability training. Wheel in your practise will help you to engage your core muscles, make your mind focused and put your attention inward. Wheel is also a great rehabilitation tool. Try rolling on a wheel up and down and find much desirable relief. It is a very relaxing prop that will help you release tension and massage your stiff points. Wheel can be used in a slow hatha yoga or relaxing yin yoga, but also in dynamic vinyasa sessions. It is a prop that adds to any yoga practise a lot of creativity and fun. And there are really plenty of ways to use a yoga wheel in your practise.

Wheel is ideal for both beginners and advanced yogis. Beginners will appreciate the accessible depth of stretching and experienced yogis will enjoy a whole new dimension in asanas they already know. 

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Tips how to use a yoga wheel

1. Wheel is a perfect prop for backbends

With a yoga wheel you will significantly improve your backbends. Wheel will give you confidence of a stable support. The circular shape of the wheel is ideal for heart opening. Chest area is often stiff and rigid and it may be hard to get a movement there. In the position of the fish, the wheel will help you to achieve a deeper backbend while pleasantly massaging your back. If you are a beginner and dont have further experience with backbends, try wheel variation of the camel position, where the wheel works as a support, preparing you for the final position

Backbends are amazing for the digestive system, deepen breathing and stretch the pectoral and abdominal muscles.

variation of fish pose supported by the wheel

Wheel variation of the fish. You can roll on the wheel and observe your body. Where do you need to get a more intensive opening? Roll there with your wheel and breathe fully. 

supported bridge pose

Wheel variation of the half bridge. Roll on the wheel and massage stiff points around your spine. Wheel is a great masseur.

supported camel pose

The position of the camel, where the wheel can simplify the asana and helps with the preparation for the final position.

2. Wheel is amazing for stretching, especially for heart, chest and shoulders opening.

With wheel, deep stretching will get much more accessible. You can roll on a wheel up and down and search for stiff areas that need some extra love. You can also use a wheel instead of a yoga belt in many positions. Stretching positions are a lot of fun with wheel, just let your creativity flow and enjoy a deep full body stretch.

pigeon pose assisted by the wheel

Variation for pigeon pose, where the wheel helps to achieve intensive stretching of the calf muscles and opening of the chest and shoulders.

chest strech

In this position, the wheel helps to open the chest and stretch the entire spine. Roll on the wheel slowly up and down and enjoy a back massage.

puppy pose

In this position wheel is used both as a support and stability trainer. The whole body is activated and shoulders are enjoying an intense opening.

side stretch

The wheel will give you much-needed support in your angles, so you could relax and release tension. In this position, the intercostal muscles are stretched, breathing is deepened and the lateral muscles of the whole body are stretched.

3. The wheel will be your new favorite core coach

With a wheel you will push a core strengthening to a completely different level. In this plank variation you not only have to hold your full body weight, but you also have to balance it, which means that you are strengthening your core twice! Try also plank inversion and other asanas where the core muscles have to engage. For example, a warrior positions with a wheel become an interesting new challenge.

supported plank

Position of the plank, where the wheel adds balance training to the core strengthening.

inverted plank or supported reverse table pose

Inverted plank, where the core and shoulders are strengthening, the wrists and pectoral muscles are stretched and the chest is opened.

4. Balance positions with a wheel are funny and challenging

dancer pose with assistance of the wheel

Creative variation of one leg stand, where the wheel assists to stretch the whole body.

balancing malasana pose

The wheel will support your concentration and engage the deep muscles of the whole body.

5. Use yoga wheel as a support

supported pincha mayurasana pose or forearm stand

Wheel supported forearms stand.

supported headstand

Use the wheel as a support in the headstand.

supported half moon pose

Use of the wheel as a support in the half moon.

If you are looking for something that will refresh your yoga practise, a yoga prop that has many useful opportunities, the wheel is the right choice for you.

With the wheel you will discover new movements of your body, you will deepen your practise and the challenging positions will be one step closer to you.