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How to use a yoga wheel

Wheel is becoming one of the most popular yoga props. Depending on your needs, wheel can simplify or advance your asanas. It is a great tool for stretching, but it also works as a support. You can use a wheel in balance postures and for stability training. Wheel in your practise will help you to engage your core muscles, make your mind focused and put your attention inward. Wheel is also a great rehabilitation tool. Try rolling on a wheel up and down and find much desirable relief. It is a very relaxing prop that will help you release tension and massage your stiff points. Wheel can be used in a slow hatha yoga or relaxing yin yoga, but also in dynamic vinyasa sessions. It is a prop that adds to any yoga practise a lot of creativity and fun. And there are really plenty of ways to use a yoga wheel in your practise. Wheel is ideal for both beginners and advanced yogis. Beginners will appreciate the accessible depth of stretching and experienced yogis will enjoy a whole new dimension in asanas they already know.  At BohoNatural you can choose...

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